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An annuity is a financial solution that can potentially satisfy the needs of more conservative investors.  They can help people who have a present or future need for income and are concerned about outliving their financial resources, want tax-deferred accumulation, and want more certainty and less volatility than participating in part or entirely in the stock market.  Annuities are generally purchased just prior to or during retirement, and may be viable alternatives or supplements to other investment choices. 

Common considerations in choosing an annuity include:

1) The length or term of the annuity

2) If the annuity is funded with a single premium or has flexible payments that can be made throughout the term, and whether bonuses are paid

3) Accessibility to the contract value during the term (liquidity)

4) What contract features are included in the contract, and what riders or added benefits are available

Nashional Financial offers immediate, fixed and indexed annuities. 

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