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Personal Financial Planning

We Look At the Big Picture

Personal financial planning is an ongoing process that helps clients see and better understand their big financial picture and periodically measure progress towards achieving their goals.  Financial planning includes 3 main components - Protection, Savings, and Growth. There must be both proper balance and no major gaps within each, otherwise the risk of failure will increase. 

Protection, Savings, and Growth can be summarized with the following examples:


  • Vehicle, Property and Liability Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance, Social Security 
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Life Insurance 


  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit and Money Market Accounts
  • Tax-Free - Roth IRAs, Cash Value Life Insurance and Health Savings Accounts
  • Tax-Deferred (Post-Tax) - Annuities
  • Tax-Deductible (Pre-Tax) - Traditional IRAs and Retirement Plans


  • Government Securities, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds
  • Preferred Stock, Common Stock, ETFs, Mutual Funds
  • Commodities
  • Real Estate
  • Small Businesses
  • Alternative Investments 
  • Collectibles

Our personal financial planning process follows these steps:

  1. Discover & Identify – We learn about your present position, discuss short and long-term goals and address concerns.
  2. Visualize & Analyze - We help you see how your income, assets, insurance and liabilities can work together and we will devise a plan with you to protect, save and grow your wealth.
  3. Implement – You decide what actions to take that will improve your financial position based on the opportunities or issues that we discovered.
  4. Review – We continue to meet periodically and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your plan evolves and grows with you as significant life events take place.

The key to success when working with Nashional Financial consist of 3 factors: trust, accountability, and execution.  Our clients must be honest with both themselves and us, and thoroughly communicate their situation. We must come to a mutual agreement, or plan, to determine how and in what way our clients’ situations can be improved, and what actions or reasonable efforts need to be taken.  Nashional Financial must act as a fiduciary by putting our clients first, avoiding any conflicts of interest and simply do what is right for them.  If there is a change in facts or circumstances along the way, the plan must be adaptable and flexible in order to succeed.  The process of financial planning really isn't much more complicated than as described. Our goal is to increase your chances of success in achieving your goals.


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