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Income Tax & Business Planning

Jefferson Nash PLLC* is a single member limited liability company located in the State of Texas which is independently owned and operated by Jeff Nash, CPA.  The services** provided include the following:

  • Income tax return preparation and planning for individuals, families, and businesses. 
  • Business consulting related to the selection of different legal entity structures (sole proprietorship, C corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, general partnership), accounting and payroll services and other key processes and internal controls, retirement plan and executive compensation options, insurance and other supplemental employee benefits, and succession planning.  

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For general inquiries email: 

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*Jefferson Nash PLLC and Nashional Financial are not CPA firms, meaning they do not provide any assurance or attest services (i.e.- financial statement audits, reviews, etc.), and they are also not law firms licensed to draft legal documents and provide legal advice in any jurisdiction. See Texas Administrative Code Rule §501.72.

**These services may be provided exclusively through Jefferson Nash PLLC, and/or through collaboration with other CPA firms and/or other strategic alliances and/or licensed and trained professionals (income tax/estate/divorce attorneys) and service providers, with prior consent.