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The Nashional Financial Story –

Nashional Financial is the brainchild of Jeff Nash, a CFP® professional and CPA who has always loved to invest in the stock market and look for creative financial solutions that could facilitate a strong financial future. He co-created Nashional Financial with his wife, Whitney, to round out the services and dynamics of the firm. As a husband and wife financial advising team, Jeff and Whitney balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They meet with clients together to not only address the technical side of financial planning, but to explain things in ways that are easy to follow and understand regardless of the client’s level of sophistication or experience.   

Born and raised in New Jersey, Jeff decided to go out of state for college which eventually landed him in Texas. After receiving his graduate degree, he worked in Houston for a couple years before moving to Dallas in 2002. Whitney was born in California, but after a few stops along the way, her family settled in Michigan.  After graduating from college, she packed up a U-Haul and drove to Dallas for the warmer weather and better quality of living!  Jeff and Whitney met each other in the beginning of 2008, were married in the summer of 2010, and had a son in the fall of 2016. They live in McKinney, Texas, and have two shelter rescues: a gregarious mutt and a small horse, a.k.a. lab/greyhound mix. When they are not working, Jeff and Whitney enjoy watching their son grow up, playing fetch with their dogs, working out, trying new restaurants around the area, watching football and basketball, competing in fantasy football leagues, traveling to visit family and friends and finding a relaxing beach – Aruba is their favorite!

Jeff Nash, CFP®, CPA


(214) 385-5945

[email protected]

Jeff is a CFP® professional and a CPA licensed in the State of Texas. He is the President of Nashional Financial and serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Nashional Independent Investment Management LLC ("RIA Firm"). 

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Whitney Nash

Chief Operating Officer


[email protected]

Whitney is a Financial Advisor, the Chief Operating Officer for Nashional Financial and serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for Nashional Independent Investment Management LLC and its investment advisory services.

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