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Experience the Freedom of Financial Security

We can help you create a tax-efficient and asset class-diversified

planning strategy so that you may experience the

financial freedom of your dreams!


  Take the first step to becoming financially secure today!



Have you ever asked yourself:

~ When can I retire and how much money will I need?

~ How will I pay for my children's education?

~ Will my family have enough money if something

happens to me?

~ How will I pay for my medical and assisted living

expenses as I get older?

~ How do I avoid outliving my money and becoming a

burden on my family?

~ How can I minimize my tax liabilities?

Who can I go to for help so that I understand my options?

How do I make sure that they are looking out for my best interests?


There's a lot to worry about, but

you're not alone!


We're fiduciaries who specialize in helping people just like you.


Get answers to these questions

and more today!


Nashional Financial is a trusted advisor that cares about you and your family. Our male and female advisors are fiduciaries who will look out for your best interests.
  • Our chief financial advisor is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Certified Public Accountant (Texas) and holds several investment management and insurance licenses and certifications. Learn more here: About Us.

  • You will have access to a wide spectrum of asset classes and solutions to help ensure that you have a customized and diversified financial portfolio.

  • The recommendations that we present are not motivated by someone else's quotas or goals.

  • You will not be pressured into any product or service - we can help you with whatever you want or need.  

We are your advisor from day one:

  • We are an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor, which means we do not solicit to others. Our CFP® professional actively trades on the stock market for your brokerage account, and is always accessible if you have questions or want to be involved in the decisions that are made. 

  • Your financial planning consultations are complementary. Our compensation* is based on the decisions that you make, not on the time that we spend with you in meetings.

      *We will explain this clearly when we first meet.

  • You can call/email/video conference/meet with your advisor directly - anytime about anything - at no additional cost.